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Halo Wars 2!

Role: Grunt Swarm 3

What a blast this was! All those commercial VO auditions and the first one I get is for one of the world's most popular video games.

Though I wasn't able to get a copy of the recording session, here are the auditions that got me the job:

Audition 1 - Nathan Hare
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Audition 2 - Nathan Hare
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Microsoft Cloud workplace video

Role: Murray, the IT guy

2nd professional gig through my agency


AT&T Phone Guide

My first professional gig came through this audition.

*English & Spanish


Stay Dry! Mississippi State University commercial

My onscreen debut, seen and boo'ed by roughly80,000 people at MSU football games on the jumbotron.

Thanks again, mom, for pointing out to our section that the square we all just witnessed act like a superior douche in front of the entire stadium is, indeed, your son, sitting next to you with his head in his lap.