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          In fall 2017, a group of five Seattle Film Institute Acting Program alumni began writing a web series, creating roles for ourselves to play.
          I'ts summer 2018, and we're about to shoot the pilot! As Co-Exec Producer, I have done casting and crew coordinating.

STYLE: A mockumentary web series shot in the style of "The Office", "Parks and Recreation", and reality TV.
SUMMARY: A small community theater specializing in parody productions struggles to survive when it's taken over by a greedy, corporate mogul.

Web series focusing on the lives of several homeless individuals in Seattle, WA.

"Federal statistics place King County's homeless population as the third largest in the country, behind New York City and Los Angeles. The latest count stands at more than 11,500 homeless men, women, and children.

-LESS takes us into the lives of 4 homeless people as they attempt to survive on the streets of Seattle."

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writer / director / producer:

Eufemia K. Scarfone



Cameron Price

Ray Lopez

Nathan Hare






← I got a nomination for Best Actor!

Screen Shot 2019-08-03 at 11.30.18

SUMMARY:: The rag-tag team of programmers at Harmonium Tech are attempting to kick off their new beta in style with a party. Enter MagnaWare, the corporation hell-bent on stamping out the little guy. Watch what happens when Harmonium's thunder is stolen by MagnaWare's evil matriarch, Joanna, and how the day is saved through...wait a minute? Cosplay? ​
            * Written by SFI's own Chris Blanchett, and Produced by Amanda Bearse, comes an original web-series in six parts.

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