The Sub

My first solo sketch!

Created by and starring:

Nathan Hare

The Dialogue: A Flight of Lehrstück

The first true play in Seattle that in which I was cast, or rather, a series of Bertolt Brecht plays.


Directed by:

Omar Forrest




Eugenia Montsaroff
Anya Meleshuk
Pearl Lamb
Adrian Cerrato
Alex Johnson
Nathan Hare

SketchFest Mashup

My 1st experience with a sketch comedy group! At each Mashup, a group of randos get together and write, rehearse, and perform several original comedic sketches, all over the course of a weekend. 

Created by and starring:

Many folks I can't remember 😬
Nathan Hare

Veil (staged reading)

My 1st theatrical experience in Seattle while a student and a great revisit to that familiar space in my heart with an exellent, supportive cast

Created by:

My agent, Topo Swope

playwright Steven Fogell